Faces of the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps: Dominick Dudley of Conservation Corps North Bay

Dominick Dudley of Conservation Corps North Bay

This summer we plan to highlight several of the participants in the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps. To view all Faces of the 21CSC stories, please click here. The following story was provided by Conservation Corps North Bay.

Before coming to Conservation Corps North Bay, Corpsmember Dominick Dudley was expelled from high school and didn’t think he had much of a future.  Now enrolled in the Corps’ charter school program, Dominick is only a few credits away from attaining his high school diploma.

As a member organization of the 21st Century Conservation Corps, Conservation Corps North Bay also has had a lot to offer Dominick as far as conservation and service activities, beyond helping him reach his education goals. He started out on a Community Recycling Crew collecting recycling from parks and special events and is now on a Natural Resources Crew.

“My mom always says that successful people don’t always do what they want to do. I have started to do this and seen the positive result. When my supervisor asks who wants to get in the creek with the waders, I’ll do it, even though I don’t want to. Back in High School, I had like 300 tardies to 1st period, but here, I try to be 5 minutes early. I see this as me maturing as a man. At the Corps, I have learned to just get up and do it.”

Dominick has earned his Sawyer I chain saw certification and has been learning about habitat restoration and trail building. He has gained work skills and the self-confidence to support himself as a productive member of our community. He hopes to become a teacher.

Dominick at Work1

Dominick was recently asked to write a letter to Conservation Corps North Bay’s supporters. You can see the inspirational note below and just how much of an impact being part of the Corps has had on Dominick.

CCNB Letter from Dominick Dudley