About 21CSC

21CSC will result in service, training, education and employment opportunities for thousands of young Americans and veterans, and significant work accomplishments that preserve, protect, and promote America’s greatest natural and cultural treasures. Most important, the 21CSC will help develop a generation of skilled workers, educated and active citizens, future leaders, and stewards of natural and cultural resources, communities and the nation!

RMYC Prescribed Burn

AYW-Trail Building

VYCC-Building a Pathway

21CSC: A Win-Win

Experienced youth conservation programs engage thousands of young people on public lands and water each year. Operating in all 50 states, these programs provide public land and water managers with an effective and efficient way to complete necessary and important projects and give young people opportunities to further their education and improve career prospects, while building the next generation of land and water managers and resource stewards. Many of these programs will be accredited as “21CSC programs.”

LACC- Cleanup

21CSC: Operation

The 21CSC operates through partnerships with accredited non-profit, higher education institution, local, state, tribal and federal conservation corps. The CCE is developing specific accreditation models that would serve to define 21CSC programs as well as promote and ensure high quality. These models would include opportunities for existing programs to expand and new programs to participate.

Accredited 21CSC programs:

  • engage 15-to-25-year-old Americans, including low-income and disadvantaged youth, as well as veterans up to age 35, in compensated work and service in comprehensive, limited term programs;
  • complete significant projects for the public benefit while providing participants with job skills, training, education and professional development; and
  •  demonstrate the highest quality program, fiscal and risk management practices.
Quality of 21CSC Work

Each year, Corps complete hundreds of high-quality and often technical projects on public lands and waters. Project sponsors consistently express a high degree of satisfaction with the quality of work and productivity of the Corps. Virtually all federal project partners (99.6%) say that they would work with Corps again.

Bang for the Buck

Chainsaw Crew

The 21CSC programs handle their own recruiting, engaging diverse and local youth. They assume all of the administrative responsibilities of managing a workforce, including the provision of health care, worker’s compensation, and liability insurance. They provide environmental education, safety training, tools, food, supplies, transportation, and sometimes housing. They employ skilled and experienced crew leaders and project directors to supervise the youth and oversee the work.

The 21CSC crews are self-contained including supervision, transportation, tools, gear, equipment, insurance, back-end support, and technical expertise. All 21CSC programs will be accredited and follow stringent risk management procedures and constantly re-evaluate their policies and practices to ensure that they are in line with the latest developments and requirements. The 21CSC programs also include individual placements and internships at the land and water management agencies.

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