About the Partnership for the 21CSC



The Partnership for the 21CSC supports the development and implementation of the 21CSC to reach its goal of engaging 100,000 young people and veterans per year in conservation service.

The Partnership will focus on issues that directly support the development and implementation of the 21CSC. A partial list of focus areas includes:

  • Raising non-federal funding to support 21CSC
  • Bolstering federal support for 21CSC
  • Identifying 21CSC programs
  • Creating a national 21CSC brand
  • Supporting the 21CSC launch
  • Engaging 21CSC on Sandy and Gulf Coast restoration projects
  • Developing national partnerships to support 21CSC
  • Demonstrating the impact of the 21CSC
  • Supporting consistent agreement processes to engage partners
  • Supporting career pathways for 21CSC participants
  • Engaging new partners and organizations in 21CSC
  • Promoting high quality 21CSC programs and projects
  • Providing counsel/guidance/expertise to the National Council to assist in 21CSC implementation

Membership. The P-21CSC has an open membership that shall include federal, state, local and non-profit leaders and stakeholders of the 21CSC. The Partnership for the 21CSC will keep an active membership roster to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are engaged.

The Corps Network hosts the Partnership for the 21CSC and provides staff support for the Partnership.   Please visit The Corps Network’s website for more information http://www.corpsnetwork.org/

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