21CSC Org Name CCE Accredited Corps Year Approved as 21CSC Member
Conservation Corps Minnesota and Iowa*
[Accredited Corps]
Great Lakes Innovative Stewardship Through Education Network (GLISTEN)   2013
Minnesota Green Corps   2015
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency   2014
Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps   2015
The Tree Trust   2013
Student Conservation Association   2013
Vermilion Community College   2013
Wilderness Inquiry   2013

*= Accredited Corps:

The Accreditation process is overseen by the Corps Center of Excellence, a subsidiary of The Corps Network; the National Association of Service and Conservation Corps. Accreditation is granted to Corps that have undergone an in-depth review of their general operations, financial management, risk management, and governance standards and have demonstrated accountability to both Corpsmembers and the communities in which they operate. Accreditation is available only for organizations that meet the definition of a Corps.

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