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The 21CSC empowers young Americans and Veterans to serve outdoors and preserve America public lands and waters, neighborhoods, communities and national treasures.

At the same time, a 21CSC experience can give you the training, skills, education, and employment opportunities to pursue a wide range of careers and life opportunities. If you are interested in making a difference for our Country, discovering a new passion, or expanding on an old one, the 21CSC is ready for you!

To join the 21CSC, click on the List of 21CSC Programs button then view programs by name, region, state or city and discover the opportunities! Each 21CSC program provides a unique experience. Search the list of programs to determine which is the best fit for you.

What is the 21CSC?

The 21CSC, 21st Century Conservation Service Corps, is the modern day Civilian Conservation Corps. The 21CSC engages young Americans in public lands, community green spaces, and water restoration. In addition, it seeks to engage participants in hands-on service and job training experiences to develop a generation of skilled workers, educated and active citizens, future leaders and stewards of natural and cultural resources.

Where are 21CSC Project Locations?

21CSC programs are represented in all 50 states. Some programs are national, others regional and some are state based. To find a program and project location, go to the List of 21CSC Programs page or click the list of 21CSC programs button.

Who can Join the 21CSC?

Anyone between the ages of 15-30 and veterans up to age 35 can participate in the 21CSC depending on the program. To see specific program requirements, go to the List of 21CSC Programs page and view individual program requirements.

What Type of Projects do you Participate In?

You can participate in a wide array of projects. 21CSC programs serve as a way to connect you to the outdoors while gaining valuable skills in conservation work, service learning, and leadership. To see a list of possible projects and skills, click on the Types of 21CSC Projects button.

What is the Commitment to Participate?

There are numerous commitment terms and vary depending on the specific 21CSC program and area. Many commitments are seasonal and depend on the time commitment that the project requires. To gather more information about commitment and availability, please go to the List of 21CSC Programs page, and look though specific programs to determine what is best for you.


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