Types of 21CSC Projects

21CSC programs engage in a wide variety of projects across America.
The following list encompasses the work that 21CSC participants can perform.

Enhance Recreation on Public Lands by:

  • Constructing, maintaining and designing sustainable trails
  • Building, restoring and painting cabins and structures
  • Constructing and repairing stone and log retaining walls, bridges, water bars and erosion control measures
  • Installing signage and interpretive stations
  • Building, restoring, and maintaining campgrounds and other recreational facilities
  • Surveying trails and recreational facilities for ADA compliance
  • Conducting visitor use surveys
  • GIS mapping
  • Monitoring visitor safety and risk management
  • Maintaining and restoring road corridors including tree/brush/rock removal and re-vegetation

Protect Wildlife and/or Restore Public Lands (Ecological Restoration) by:

  • Decommissioning old trails and roads
  • Installing and maintaining irrigation systems
  • Performing erosion control measures, including soil and shoreline stabilization
  • Preserving and restoring stream bank and riparian habitat
  • Preserving and restoring wetlands, prairies and savannahs
  • Inventorying and removing invasive weeds and other species; applying herbicide with certified/trained participants
  • Installing and/or removing fencing
  • Constructing wildlife openings, food plantings and cover patches
  • Building nesting boxes and platforms, fishing piers, boat docks and fish cribs
  • Conducting population studies and GIS inventories
  • Monitoring cultural resources
  • Conducting boundary surveys 

Protect Communities and Public Lands from the Devastating Effects of Wildfire by:

  • Implementing controlled burns
  • Removing hazardous fuels
  • Implementing timber stand improvement projects
  • Constructing fire breaks
  • Responding with initial attack fire crews
  • Providing fire camp support

Prepare Communities for Disasters and Respond when Needed by:

  • Stabilizing mud slides and protecting levees
  • Undertaking erosion and flood control
  • Supporting – and, at times, providing – fire crews
  • Removing debris and hazardous trees
  • Blue tarping damaged roofs
  • Mucking and gutting water-damaged structures

Save Energy and Promote Energy Independence by:

  • Weatherizing homes and structures
  • Re-lamping facilities
  • Conducting energy audits
  • Installing insulation, sealing air flow and replacing windows
  • Installing solar panels

Preserve Historic Structures by:

  • Renovating historical buildings and sites
  • Preserving artifacts
  • Stabilizing foundations
  • Masonry, repointing
  • Stabilizing pre-historic sites
  • Constructing interpretive displays
  • Decommissioning outdated structures

Enhance Neighborhoods and Community Public Spaces by:

  • Constructing and maintaining community/neighborhood gardens
  • Landscaping public spaces
  • Planting grasses, trees, seedlings, and shrubs; collecting seeds
  • Maintaining and removing trees and shrubs
  • Building, restoring, and maintaining playgrounds
  • Removing litter and graffiti
  • Installing recycling containers and administering recycling programs
  • Building and maintaining bike and walking paths, both hard and soft surface, including trails that meet ADA standards
  • Cleaning and restoring abandoned lots
  • Installing rainwater collection systems
  • Constructing, maintaining and improving park shelters, kiosks, cabins, etc.
  • Installing signage

Engage, Connect and Education Americans in and about the Outdoors by:

  • Mobilizing and engaging volunteers in projects that benefit public and tribal lands and waters
  • Developing, coordinating, and supervising hands-on large and small scope service projects for volunteers and other volunteer events
  • Conducting interpretation and visitor service activities on public or tribal lands and waters
  • Designing and distributing environmental/conservation education materials
  • Providing education, training and outreach to the public
  • Engaging volunteers, seniors, younger youth and others in service learning activities


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