The 21CSC Strives to achieve the following goal:

Put Americans to Work

A crew works together on a desert trail. In 2012, Corps constructed or improved 24,293 miles of trail nationwide.

The 21CSC will provide service, training, education and employment opportunities for thousands of young Americans and veterans, including low income and disadvantaged youth.

Preserve, Protect, and Promote America’s Greatest Gifts

The 21CSC will protect, restore and enhance public and tribal lands and waters as well as natural, cultural, and historical resources and treasures. By producing high-quality, cost-effective project work the 21CSC will also increase public access and use while spurring economic development and outdoor recreation.

Build America’s Future

Through service to America, the 21CSC will help develop a generation of skilled workers, educated and active citizens, future leaders, and stewards of natural and cultural resources, communities, and the nation.


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