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21CSC National Distinction Awardee 2018: Jen Murphy, Corporation for National and Community Service

Jen Murphy
Operations Manager, Disaster Services Unit
Corporation for National and Community Service

The 21CSC Champion of the Year Award/National Distinction Award is presented on an annual basis to dedicated individuals from organizations and federal agencies that partner with 21CSC programs. The 2018 honorees will be recognized in Washington, DC during the annual meeting of the partnership for the 21CSC, part of The Corps Network 2018 National Conference.

Jen Murphy is the Lead Disaster Services Specialist for the Disaster Services Unit (DSU) at the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). When disaster strikes, Jen coordinates with FEMA, state emergency management, and other national and local partners to help place AmeriCorps members where they are needed most. Throughout all phases of the disaster response effort, Jen leads the DSU team in supporting state service commissions and national service programs.

Jen works closely with numerous 21CSC organizations through the AmeriCorps Disaster Response Team (A-DRT) program. Such organizations as Washington Conservation Corps, Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa, Texas Conservation Corps and Southwest Conservation Corps are all part of A-DRT, ready to send Corpsmembers to disaster-stricken communities to clear debris, muck and gut homes, and manage volunteers. Jen coordinates with a range of agencies and partners to identify appropriate disaster work for Corps, ensure on-site housing and food assistance for Corpsmembers, find local transportation, and support Corps staff in addressing safety and risk management concerns. She also handles all financial agreements and reimbursements to Corps.

Jen previously worked with AmeriCorps NCCC in Mississippi, where she managed projects and special events in the Gulf region after Hurricane Katrina, helped establish the new NCCC campus in Vicksburg, and supported multiple disaster response efforts across the south. Over the years, Jen has worked with numerous Corps to respond to disasters throughout the country. In the past year, Jen and her team have responded to at least four major disasters across seven states and multiple territories, with hundreds of responding Corpsmembers. Jen and her team met this challenge and performed with the highest level of professionalism and effectiveness.

“Jen is an amazing person who cares about our country in the times of great need.  She has realized the tremendous asset Corps serve and the abilities our members and staff have to make a difference to people impacted during these incredibly trying times.” – Rob Spath, Conservation Legacy/Stewards Individual Placement Program