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21CSC Champion of the Year 2019: Lisa Norby, National Park Service

Lisa Norby
Energy and Minerals Branch Chief
Geologic Resources Division
National Park Service
[Retired December 2018]

The 21CSC Champion of the Year Award is presented on an annual basis to dedicated individuals from organizations and federal agencies that partner with 21CSC programs. The 2019 honorees will be recognized in Washington, DC during the annual meeting of the partnership for the 21CSC, part of The Corps Network 2019 National Conference.

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Lisa Norby began her career as a camp counselor. She later worked as an Environmental Education Coordinator for the Youth Conservation Corps in Florida and New Mexico. Norby received a B.S. in Geology from Ohio University; a M.S. degree in Geology form Idaho State University; and a M.E.P.M (Masters in Environmental Policy) from the University of Denver.

For 26 years, Norby’s career with the National Park Service has spanned many different programs and projects, touching park planning, petroleum geology, and youth programs. In her most recent role as Energy and Minerals Branch Chief with the Geologic Resources Division, Norby oversaw two large-scale internship programs, in addition to overseeing energy and minerals projects in all national parks. For the last 13 years, she managed the largest NPS natural resource science internship program, Geoscientists-in-the-Parks (GIP). The GIP Program is managed in partnership with 21CSC organizations Conservation Legacy, Stewards Individual Placement Program, and The Geological Society of America. The GIP program provides internship opportunities to approximately 170 young adults in national parks each year, providing technical assistance to parks to complete critical natural resource science projects.

In 2013, Norby helped create the Mosaics in Science Program in partnership with Environment for the Americas and Greening Youth Foundation. This program provides meaningful, science-based internships to racially and ethnically diverse young adults.

“Lisa should be recognized as a national leader in engaging the next generation of conservationists on public lands because of her hard work, dedication, and lifelong passion for youth programming,” said Krista Rogers, Program Director for Stewards Individual Placement Program, Conservation Legacy.

Norby has been a dedicated and enthusiastic advocate for youth programming for decades. The partnerships and programs developed through her creativity and efforts have provided priceless experiences for young adults and helped preserve public lands. Norby recognizes the benefits of involving future generations in conserving public lands and seeks out opportunities to increase the visibility of environmentalism and youth programming.