100 Projects to Restore America


Below are six categories of work that Corpsmembers participate in as members of the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps. Each image represents one of the six 21CSC themes of work. Please click on the >>See Projects link at the end of each description below to read more about specific 21CSC Featured Projects.







Corpsmembers working to improve, expand and maintain outdoor recreation opportunities such as America’s trail systems while enriching the lands that they work on for public enjoyment. >> See Projects








Corpsmembers working on public lands to enhance, mitigate and protect America’s natural spaces through erosion control, invasive species removal, watershed management, prescribed burns and re-vegetation. >> See Projects








Corpsmembers, who are cross-trained in conservation skills, working in response to natural disasters through projects including habitat restoration, hazardous debris removal, home repair, shelter management and fuel fire management. >> See Projects








Corpsmembers working to enhance, expand and protect America’s green urban spaces with projects including park restoration, construction, landscaping, public safety improvements and green infrastructure. >> See Projects








Corpsmembers providing environmental education opportunities to their local communities through programs that engage, excite and enlist the next generation of natural resource stewards. >> See Projects








Corpsmembers working on historic preservation projects to protect America’s historic buildings and natural heritage sites through bricks-and-mortar techniques including masonry, carpentry and painting. >> See Projects

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